Since my earliest childhood I was interested in fightsport of al kinds. It was always my dream to create something very special in this area.

The thought of having different fight sport styles challenging each other fascinated me so very much that I dedicated al my thoughts and deeds to this theme.

In 1999 the time seemed ready to present my vision to the public. The very first event was enthusiastically welcomed and celebrated as the birth hour of the Austrian free fight sport. All following events were sold out weeks in advance. The enormous interest of the print- and the TV medias as well as the internet platforms catapulted the notification of this sport to international levels.

Who is the hardest fighter?       
This question is already asked by thousands of free fight and MMA fans for years.

The Cage Fight Series will answer this question now recently again.

Man against man on the tightest area surrounded by a 2 meters high fence where every fighter can compete in his own fighting style.

Thousands of fans come to the stadium and will witness a fighting spectacle of the superlative and laugh and cry and carry along with there heroes, which compete with all there might and heart for the success.

Gerhard Ettl